26/11/2018 Thank you for stopping by my website. 

I am temporarily closed due to the volume of work I need to complete. If I have time to take on more orders, I may re-open my website/order books prior to Christmas. 

Any problems in the meantime, please contact me via email info@smallandgifted.co.uk, or find me on Facebook under Small & Gifted.  



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Freestanding Christmas Interlocking Reindeer

Gorgeous freestanding adult reindeer with inter locking baby reindeer

Personalised with a family name across the reindeers back, hand stamped in black. (For example the text will read... 'The Smith Family'

The reindeers are painted a combination of mid grey & red with contrast colour stars, finished with tied ribbon.  A great Christmas keepsake .

Measures approx 22-25cm tall   

Delivery: 4 week lead time


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Interlocking Reindeer


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